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Specializing in Quality Metal Fabrications & Welding Services

When the job is complex -- when quality is imperative -- when only the highest technical expertise will do: It has to be Genzink Steel.

For more than 50 years, we’ve been delivering on the promise of quality, precision steel and metal fabrication. Located in Michigan, we’ve evolved from a local metal fabrication shop to one of the nation’s leading steel fabricators trusted by a range of vital industries, including oil & gas, mining, and construction.

What hasn’t changed is our personalized attention to each client.  You’ll work directly, one-on-one, with a project manager who is knowledgeable, responsive, easy to work with, and who will work with our expert team of steel fabricators to ensure on-time delivery. From steel plate burning to robotic welding, machining to finishing, we have the knowledge and expertise to meet and exceed your expectations.

Genzink Steel fabricates highly engineered, heavy plate weldments and develops manufacturing and quality systems tailored to each customer’s needs.  You can be assured of consistent quality, documentation and on-time delivery.  Our Quality and Welding Engineering Systems are second to none.  Our team is comprised of seasoned, highly trained professionals including four degreed weld engineers and four certified welding inspectors. Several Fortune 500 companies have audited our metal fabrication quality systems, and each one has derived the same conclusion – our systems are the best in the country. 

We invite you to review our site, read our testimonials and contact one of our Genzink Steel Team Members today. 


Why Genzink Steel?

Safety & Health

Safety is our #1 priority and the first core value of Genzink Steel. We are committed to ensure the Health and Well being of our employees. Our goal is “Zero”, and by working together we can prevent accidents and injuries.

Quality Management

At Genzink Steel, exceptional quality is not a goal it’s a guarantee.  We don’t inspect quality into our products, we build it in! Our quality management system conforms to even the most demanding customer requirements, without exception.

Welding Engineering

Genzink Steel's four Degreed Welding Engineers develop and manage our Total Welding Management System which brings together the skill, science and technology of welding with the principles of Lean Manufacturing.


As longtime steel fabricators, we know having your order marked, organized and packed in the proper sequence saves you time and money.  Our kitting expertise increases your welder’s efficiency and effectiveness immediately.