Fabrication & Welding

Two distinct services, unmistakable results

Small to medium welded assemblies shipped in a little as 1 week!

Weldments and assemblies fitting into an envelope of 4ft x 4ft x 8ft are eligible.

Benefits include:

  • High quality welded assemblies completed and ready to ship in 4 business weeks

  • Increased flexibility for your operations

  • Less time spent planning and organizing for long-lead items

Welded base frame
Pipe welding
Custom welding

Large complex assemblies, tight tolerances and critical lead time

  • PQR's, WPS's and Welder qualifications across AWS, ASME, CVWC & more

  • In-house Welding Engineering

  • Turn-key supply, from raw material to finished, assembled product

  • Tooling and equipment capable of handling in excess of 80,000 pounds

  • Post-weld heat treatment and machining

  • ERP managed business

  • EDI welcomed

  • Full material traceability

  • Design for Manufacturability 

  • Multiple welding processes: GMAW, FCAW, SAW, GTAW

Large assembly welding
Complex welding
Welding and machining
Heavy welding